Research topics

In this section you will find discourse from selected ongoing research activities at Ericsson. All content on this site is in the early stage of research with limited functionality. You are invited to provide comments or ask questions in the comments fields.

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We have selected a number of research topics to share with you to give you a sneak peek into what we’re working on. Some of it is a bit techie and might be even considered a little off the wall, so bear with us. A lot of what we are publishing here are the raw results from a wide range of research topics that are perhaps a little less mature and a little less polished than what you might find elsewhere on the Ericsson site.

Most of what we publish here on Ericsson Labs will be blogs and summaries from papers and conferences plucked from bigger research areas. You can also find prototypes or software and tools to experiment with.

Our goal is to meet our peers in the industry to discuss the latest in research so we hope you’ll take advantage of our comments section to let us know what you think.


The limit for future services will be the performance of the networks. Functionality and capabilities of the networks will decide what is possible. For those of us working with the future communication networks, this brings exciting challenges.

Context aware communication

The Internet is changing the communication landscape dramatically. Communication technologies of the future need to be flexible enough to be able to integrate into new contexts, while offering superior media quality comparable to "being there".

Data & Knowledge

Data & Knowledge. The terms are two sides of the same coin. From data, we can derive knowledge and without data there will be no knowledge. Data marks our starting point and knowledge is where we want to end up. Join us as we explore the steps of handling data, doing analytics and creating Insights.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will be a major cornerstone of an emerging Networked Society. Our research looks at the kinds of architectures, technologies and ecosystems needed to create an the Internet of Things. Follow us as we share our research results and experience in building and deploying exciting prototypes to make IoT a reality.


LTE is the technology behind 4G, that delivers mobile broadband to millions of users all over the globe.
We believe that LTE will continue to develop yet for many years. LTE will continue to be the main standard for mobile broadband and it will also be a very important component in the future 5G systems.

Media Coding

Ericsson is one of the main drivers for the development of a new video standard that will maintain the quality the codec used today while cutting bitrate in half. We are also active with a new codec for voice in 4G that will outperform current ones both in terms of efficiency and quality.


Mobile and fixed networks that are used for connecting devices and users to services need to be reliable and clouds must safeguard data for users and enterprises.