Media Coding

Ericsson Research demonstrates world’s first HEVC multi-party HD video conference

Who does not want to cut the bit rate in half using this new codec?

Ericsson Research today demonstrated live HEVC real-time HD multi-party video conferencing using a newly written Ericsson Research HEVC codec. Many of you already know that High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265, is a new video coding standard that enables bit-rate reductions of 50% compared with previous video codecs such as H.264 and VP8. The HEVC standard will be published in mid-2013, and a video introduction to the standard can be found here.

The demonstration consisted of three software IP videoconferencing clients, the picture above is a screen capture of one participant. Each client captures HD video, compresses it with HEVC and sends it to a conference node. The conference node, referred to as the Multimedia Resource Function Processor (MRFP), handles the connections and the delivery of correct audio and video streams to clients. Both client and MRPF are developed in-house at Ericsson Research.

The Ericsson Research media coding team will continue to work on the Ericsson Research HEVC codec to reduce the bit-rate requirements for HD video conferencing, for both fixed and mobile access.

Rickard Sjöberg, Ericsson Research

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