Boosting Data Rates in LTE

The next standardization step is joint TDD-FDD carrier aggregation.

LTE - Demonstrating Energy Efficiency at CeBIT

How do the next features considered for LTE Release-12 improve user performance and still have a positive impact on energy consumption?

Capillary Networks at Mobile World Congress 2014

Capillary Networks integrates M2M and IoT devices as integral part of the network.

Anticipating Security Threats: The MWC14 Security Demonstrations

Security is hotter than ever. Ericsson Research is looking at ways to anticipate and counter emerging security threats, and just last month in Barcelona, demonstrated proofs of concept for research done into innovative security functions.

Micro Weather: How Mobile Networks Can Help Minimize Weather Impacts

Recently, at the MWC14 in Barcelona, we showcased Micro Weather - how to turn citywide microwave link networks into a local weather radar system that can capture rain intensity; process it in real-time and offer visual information about where and how much rain is falling.

OpenStack: Toward a Cloud Manager That Safeguards Privacy

More and more of both personal and enterprise information is handled in the cloud and this information needs to be protected. How can we best secure our information and protecting our privacy in the cloud?

Remote Excavation: Using WebRTC and Real-Time Video with an Eye on 5G

How User Experience and Real-Time Communication Research work together uncovering the Future of Mobile Networks.

The Coordination Center of the Future

In collaboration with Telstra, we explore how new capabilities can be introduced to transform existing Network Operations Centers, evolve our OSS/BSS offerings and how cross-domain management might be enabled and managed from the context of an emergency coordination center.

4G for IoT

Low energy and cost efficient everywhere cellular connectivity.

Evolved Cloud Collaboration

We looked into how the current centralized architecture of video conferencing platforms could be re-designed to improve quality and optimize the use of resources by adopting a distributed architecture.


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